1. What is 3nity Network?

3nity Network is a networking platform where members network with other income opportunity seeking members to promote their products and services and get various additional benefits as a compensation for their purchase.

2. How does 3nity Network work?

When you join 3nity Network, you join a community of networkers like yourself who are interested in promoting their products and services. Once you purchase a pack, you will be given access to our networking platform as well as positions in the 3nity system where you can earn optional income with our cyclers and revenue sharing pool

3. Is 3nity Network available worldwide?

Yes, 3nity Network is available to anyone with an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet and the willingness to become a member.

4. What do I get when I purchase a pack

Each pack gives you access to our networking platform. You also get 3 positions in the 3nity compensation system. The system has a company cycler, a team cycler and a revenue sharing pool

5. Do i have to refer to earn

You are not required to refer in order to earn. However to maximize your earning potential we suggest you refer others to the network

6. Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we pay affiliates a total of total of 0.0004 btc for every purchase made by their referral. You can increase your referral commission by becoming a 3nity representative. 3nity reps earn an additional 0.0001 btc referral (Total 0.0005 btc)

7. Who is a 3nity Representative?

A 3nity Representative is any member worldwide that has the ability to be a team leader, work with his team to build the 3nity network. A 3nity representative earns additional referral commission as a compensation for their effort. We pay 3nity reps a total of 0.0005 btc for each purchase their referrals make. To find out more about 3nity reps or to apply as one click here

8. What payment processors are used?

We only use Bitcoin because it is the easiest way to allow global participation.

9. Can I have more than one account?

Yes you can have more than one account, however we recommend that you do not stack the accounts.

10. Are there any refunds?

All payments are not refundable due the nature of the products we offer.

11. I don’t have a Bitcoin wallet where do I go to open a Bitcoin wallet?

We recommend you go get a Bitcoin wallet is at  or . However there are other wallets you can find online by doing a Google search

12. How do I get started?

First create an account, then login and add money to your wallet. Once you have added money to your wallet, you can click the 'Buy Pack' button in members area to purchase packs. Your purchase will give you access to the network and positions in the 3nity compensation system

13. How long does it take to withdraw funds?

Any money you have available in your wallet can be withdrawn instantly and paid automatically to your Bitcoin address on file without waiting for admin approval.